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Youngs Auto Care Center essentials of buying a Tire

After your first car’s tires come of age, you have to replace them. If you can get the same tires, then your decision is going to be easy. However, it does not go easy for everyone because you have to make difficult choices. Do I need winter tires? What should I know about treadwear?

These and more other tire questions will be answered in this post.

Understanding the aspect ratio

Aspect ratio simply means your tire’s sidewall height. Let’s take an example of a tire calibrated as 205/60/16. In this case, 205 is the width, 60 aspect ratio, and 16 inner diameter of the wheel. Therefore, if you desire a low-profile appearance, you will need new tires and wheels. To make up for the lost aspect ratio, the wheels have to be larger.

What do treadwear numbers mean?

When you go out to Young’s Auto Care Center to shop for tires, one of the things you have to make a decision about is the treadwear. It is an elusive spec; do not beat yourself heard if you cannot understand what the numbers mean. Take for example; some wheels have 600 treadwear rating while others have 400 rating. In a normal arithmetic rule, you would expect the 600 rating to last 50% longer than the 400 rating. To disappoint you, this is not the case. It only means that one tire got a high score for the Tire Quality Grade test.

Do I need winter tires?

Do you know the phrase used to describe all-weather tires? Jack of all trades, but a master of none. True, all-season tires are good, but they are not exceptional in anything. If you are fine with mounting one type of tires and forgetting about it, all-season tires are your choice. They will not be the best at summer and will not have the traction to beat the snow. Nevertheless, they will not be totally useless in either of the seasons.

Here is the advice from experts. If harsh winters are your norm, you need tires for the cold season. You should have a set for winter and another for everything else in between.

It is not just enough to have new tires; you should take care of them

It is a common practice among motorists. Once you mount a new set of tires, you can go for a year without looking in their direction unless you get a puncture. It is not just enough to have new tires, you need to maintain them. Once in a while, check the tire pressure to make sure it is optimal. Keep an eye on the tread. If you notice uneven wear, there is a problem with wheel alignment. Call you Norco CA Mechanic for tires.

You know what? Choosing the right tire for your vehicle may seem like a straightforward task, but it’s not. How about we take the burden from your shoulders and make it ours? At Young’s Auto Care Center, we know what fits into your wheels and for which season. When you come to us, consider all your car problems solved.