Kelowna Car Air Conditioning Repairs

A/C maintenance

Is your Kelowna air conditioning and heating giving you a cold shoulder?

When temperatures outside shoot or take a nosedive, you have two places you can run for refuge: your home and car. Let’s not talk about home but rather about your car because that is our area of expertise. However, if your vehicle heating and air conditioning systems do not remember the last time they were checked, you should be ready to freeze or roast inside your ride.

To beat the harsh weather was one of the reasons you bought your car.  Our name precedes us and we make sure you never take your ride anywhere else for repairs.

A/C and heating problems you should be on the lookout for

It is extremely easy to take your car repairs for granted especially when it is working perfectly. Let it break down and the sweltering summer heat decides to mercilessly descend on you. That is when you appreciate the good work the air conditioning has been doing. It reminds us of the saying, “You never miss water until your well runs dry”. Lucky for you, there are warning symptoms when the system is about to fail. We listed them for you:

  • Water leaking into your vehicle
  • Noise from the blower
  • Loud noise from the engine when using A/C
  • It does not get cold inside your car
  • Regular vehicle stops when the A/C is on
  • No action from the fan

Inspection, maintenance and repairs are all you need

As soon as you sense that there is a problem with your heater or A/C, bring your vehicle to us. You will be saving yourself a lot of expenses. Once you come to us, we will carry out a thorough system inspection. We will go over each element one after the other making sure it is performing its role 101%. We will then replace the worn out parts and repair the affected areas. We will do a testing for you. Whatever weather it is, you will have an answer for it. We believe in the principle that you only pay for expensive repairs out of your own choice. Let us take care of your car and you will never have to witness a single breakdown. We promise you timely, quality services and affordability. No one beats us when it comes to ensuring you get a comfort and safe ride.

Break the silence and let us help

We boast of years of unrivaled experience and that is one thing you will not be getting from most repair shops. Our technicians will take care of your auto climate controls since they know the system inside out. A/C and heater repairs are services we have perfected over time and there is never a problem we cannot handle. We have matched our technicians’ skills with state of the art facility and equipment. And to crown it all, our rates are unbelievably affordable. Stop suffering in silence and let us help. Request for a quote now and we will jump in to get you out of the cold or heat.