7 Common Off-road Vehicle Modifications

Your SUV may have come readily capable from the factory, with high-end convertibility (if that is your preference), large tires, power-packed turbocharged engines, and an exterior goodness to get heads turning. But beyond the looks, durability and performance, your SUV is never truly complete from the assembly line. If you are an explorer like me, there are bound to be times when you would veer off your road tracks and venture into the wild with all its rocky terrains and obstacles. Just then, you realize how much of an off roader you want your SUV to be.

According to jeep auto garage there are several post-factory modifications you can add to your vehicle to make it an off-road champ. Want to go rogue? Let’s get started.

  1. Tires

It’s no surprise that tires make the number one spot. You cannot possibly overlook the importance of purpose-built tires if your passion suddenly leans towards off-road adventures. Your factory tires will get you far enough on smooth roads with so much balance and absorption, but beyond that, you need tires designed for off-road purposes. These should be sturdier, with way more traction to get a good grip on snow, mud, and rocky sands.

  • Steel Wheels

Most vehicles, including SUVs come with alloy wheels. Note that the reason people would rather have alloy wheels is for their great appearance. However, if you’re thinking off-road, you should be more concerned about strength and durability than appearance. Steel wheels may seem less fancy with very minimalistic designs, but they are able to withstand way more pressure and stress, especially when you veer off road. It’s no wonder they are used for police vehicles.

  • Light Bars

Have you ever been disappointed by your headlights deep in the wilderness? Most of them can’t illuminate beyond 15 meters ahead, but we all know that is not enough if you need to stay ahead of ‘wild’ circumstances. Perhaps, you were going camping and your regular bulbs just gave in, at night! This is a common scenario that plays out all too often and worse still, extra bulbs just won’t cut it. What you need are aftermarket light bars that you can mount anywhere on your vehicle, depending on where you want to focus your light. Most people mount this on the roof of the vehicle or just above the front bumper.

  • Lift Kit

Once you have got the tires sorted out, the next thing you should consider is ground clearance. You need to have your SUV as farther away from the ground as possible. So, increasing the room under the vehicle by as much as possible, without compromising balance will make it easier to surmount off-road obstacles. There are several lift kit products you can get out there; be sure you get a product with the right type of contents for your SUV.

  • Tow Hitch

You should always be prepared when you trail off-road. One way to do this is by getting a hitch as a crucial off-road modification. It doesn’t matter whether you’re towing a boat or not. You never know when a hitch can come handy. Besides, you’re likely going to need to pack a few accessories like a BBQ, a spare tire carrier or even a bike rack. This off-road vehicle modification is one of the easiest to attach. And just in case you need to be towed out of quicksand or a ditch, the hitch is a solid tow point.

  • Snorkel

You know how easy it is to find waterlogged ditches or lakes crossing through the tracks in the wild. If you’re sure your vehicle can go through, you may want to consider how to redirect your exhaust fumes, just to keep the engine going. A snorkel helps with this by redirecting the fumes upwards. With this modification, your exhaust is not drowned, and your engine keeps moving.

  • Bull Bar

Sometimes, off-road enthusiasts simply go for an upgraded front bumper (which is great). A bull bar gives you an option when it seems like there is none. Imagine driving into a fallen tree on your path; too heavy to lift and you just can’t go around it. Your only option is to drive through it. …

Burnaby Car Repairs

Car Repair and Maintenance Tips for Burnaby BC

In today’s world, a car is one of the most common and practical tools a person could own, but it needs to be properly maintained if you want it to have a long life. However, no matter how well you take care of it, something will eventually stop working the way it did when you first drove it off the lot. Then, you’ll have to decide it you want to have it fixed or cut your losses and buy something new.

Prepare Your Vehicle for  Driving The Coquihalla Highway

Preparing your vehicle for highways like the Coquihalla in British Columbia is no small task – but it’s essential to travel safely and confidently. To make sure you’re ready to hit the road, take your car into an automotive service center where they can check everything from tires and fluids to wipers. Professional mechanics will be able inspect every component of your car so that you have peace-of-mind when traversing extensive highway routes, leaving potential breakdowns or tire blowouts far behind!

Car Repair Vs Car Shopping

If you could buy a new car for less than it would take to repair the old one, then buy a new car. However, as long as you’re not paying thousands of dollars in engine repair, it’s safe to say that Burnaby car repairing and maintaining the car you have is the most affordable option.

What is the average cost of a car repair?

AAA published an article encouraging motorists to be financially prepared to repair their cars. Apparently the average car repair bill is anywhere from $500 to $600 and only 2 in 3 people can pay without falling into debt. You might wonder if it’s a practical thing to do.

Is it worth fixing an old car?

More often than not, the repair costs are more cost-efficient than buying a brand-new car. Of course, another practical option would be to weigh the cost of repairs against the prices of used cars on the market, but there is almost always something that needs to be repaired. So, you’ll likely end up spending money to repair repair a car that you just bought.

Fixing Up an Old Car

If you decide to improve on what you already own, then you should know what it takes to repair and maintain a vehicle. It’s always good to have a reliable mechanic check your car out regularly, but you should also be on the lookout for common repairs that most cars need as time goes by.

What are common car repairs?

According to BCAA North America, these are the 10 Most Common Car Repairs:

  • Changing oil or oil filters
  • Replacing windshield wiper blades
  • Replacing air filter
  • Routine maintenance
  • Getting new tires
  • Replacing your car battery
  • Changing your brakes or shock absorbers
  • Adding antifreeze
  • Engine tune-ups
  • Having your wheels aligned or balanced

Top car repair tips

The best car repair advice you could get is to get ahead of anything that might need to be repaired. You should regularly check your car’s:

  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Lights
  • Belts and hoses
  • Engine air filters

Replace them as needed. You should also make a habit of replacing your windshield wipers and brakes before they wear out. Especially if your car is high in mileage.

Car Mileage and Car Issues

If you drive any car long enough, it will start to present problems. The brakes and tires wear down, the timing belt could break, or any number of other issues could arise.

What mileage do cars start having problems?

According to Erie Insurance, your water pump and timing belt can break and should be replaced anywhere between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. After 75,000 miles, you should switch to High mileage oil to combat engine leaks. Brakes should be replaced every 50,000 miles, but can wear down in half that distance depending on how you use them.

What are the signs of bad brakes?

The condition of your brakes could be the difference between you reaching your destination safely or getting into an accident. You should check your brakes when:

  • Your brake

Young’s Auto Care Center and Tires

Youngs Auto Care Center essentials of buying a Tire

After your first car’s tires come of age, you have to replace them. If you can get the same tires, then your decision is going to be easy. However, it does not go easy for everyone because you have to make difficult choices. Do I need winter tires? What should I know about treadwear?

These and more other tire questions will be answered in this post.

Understanding the aspect ratio

Aspect ratio simply means your tire’s sidewall height. Let’s take an example of a tire calibrated as 205/60/16. In this case, 205 is the width, 60 aspect ratio, and 16 inner diameter of the wheel. Therefore, if you desire a low-profile appearance, you will need new tires and wheels. To make up for the lost aspect ratio, the wheels have to be larger.

What do treadwear numbers mean?

When you go out to Young’s Auto Care Center to shop for tires, one of the things you have to make a decision about is the treadwear. It is an elusive spec; do not beat yourself heard if you cannot understand what the numbers mean. Take for example; some wheels have 600 treadwear rating while others have 400 rating. In a normal arithmetic rule, you would expect the 600 rating to last 50% longer than the 400 rating. To disappoint you, this is not the case. It only means that one tire got a high score for the Tire Quality Grade test.

Do I need winter tires?

Do you know the phrase used to describe all-weather tires? Jack of all trades, but a master of none. True, all-season tires are good, but they are not exceptional in anything. If you are fine with mounting one type of tires and forgetting about it, all-season tires are your choice. They will not be the best at summer and will not have the traction to beat the snow. Nevertheless, they will not be totally useless in either of the seasons.

Here is the advice from experts. If harsh winters are your norm, you need tires for the cold season. You should have a set for winter and another for everything else in between.

It is not just enough to have new tires; you should take care of them

It is a common practice among motorists. Once you mount a new set of tires, you can go for a year without looking in their direction unless you get a puncture. It is not just enough to have new tires, you need to maintain them. Once in a while, check the tire pressure to make sure it is optimal. Keep an eye on the tread. If you notice uneven wear, there is a problem with wheel alignment. Call you Norco CA Mechanic for tires.

You know what? Choosing the right tire for your vehicle may seem like a straightforward task, but it’s not. How about we take the burden from your shoulders and make it ours? At Young’s Auto Care Center, we know what fits into your wheels and for which season. When you come to us, consider all your car problems solved.

A/C maintenance

Kelowna Car Air Conditioning Repairs

Is your Kelowna air conditioning and heating giving you a cold shoulder?

When temperatures outside shoot or take a nosedive, you have two places you can run for refuge: your home and car. Let’s not talk about home but rather about your car because that is our area of expertise. However, if your vehicle heating and air conditioning systems do not remember the last time they were checked, you should be ready to freeze or roast inside your ride.

To beat the harsh weather was one of the reasons you bought your car.  Our name precedes us and we make sure you never take your ride anywhere else for repairs.

A/C and heating problems you should be on the lookout for

It is extremely easy to take your car repairs for granted especially when it is working perfectly. Let it break down and the sweltering summer heat decides to mercilessly descend on you. That is when you appreciate the good work the air conditioning has been doing. It reminds us of the saying, “You never miss water until your well runs dry”. Lucky for you, there are warning symptoms when the system is about to fail. We listed them for you:

  • Water leaking into your vehicle
  • Noise from the blower
  • Loud noise from the engine when using A/C
  • It does not get cold inside your car
  • Regular vehicle stops when the A/C is on
  • No action from the fan

Inspection, maintenance and repairs are all you need

As soon as you sense that there is a problem with your heater or A/C, bring your vehicle to us. You will be saving yourself a lot of expenses. Once you come to us, we will carry out a thorough system inspection. We will go over each element one after the other making sure it is performing its role 101%. We will then replace the worn out parts and repair the affected areas. We will do a testing for you. Whatever weather it is, you will have an answer for it. We believe in the principle that you only pay for expensive repairs out of your own choice. Let us take care of your car and you will never have to witness a single breakdown. We promise you timely, quality services and affordability. No one beats us when it comes to ensuring you get a comfort and safe ride.

Break the silence and let us help

We boast of years of unrivaled experience and that is one thing you will not be getting from most repair shops. Our technicians will take care of your auto climate controls since they know the system inside out. A/C and heater repairs are services we have perfected over time and there is never a problem we cannot handle. We have matched our technicians’ skills with state of the art facility and equipment. And to crown it all, our rates are unbelievably affordable. Stop suffering in silence and let us help. Request for a quote now and we will jump in to get you out of the cold or heat.…

What Are Truck Camper Shells?


EastonTruckCaps.com is the leading provider of truck camper shells. But, what are they and why do you need them?

Truck camper shells, or also called truck caps or toppers, are the unique housing accessory made for pickup trucks.
These can completely cover the truck bed and form a huge utility space which can be utilized for storage or camping purposes.
Usually, camper shells are as high as the top portion of your truck. But, if you require more room, you can also find taller models at Easton Truck Caps.
There are also large toppers which can cover a cab’s top part. When you are a big fan of camping, this specific type of bed cover is what you need. With the use of truck camper shells, you can comfortably and safely spend a comfortable night in your own truck.

Truck Camper Shells and Their Important Features
Truck toppers are often made of fiberglass or aluminum. Aluminum caps are made using standard-sized models. Such caps are not just lightweight as these are inexpensive as well.
On the other hand, fiberglass toppers are being made using custom models to make sure that they can perfectly cover a truck bed.
The contours and color of truck caps are in perfect harmony with the pickup truck. Fiberglass toppers are sturdier and more durable compared to aluminum caps but these are often more expensive.
There are instances when soft materials such as canvas are being used as well, and these are known as soft-tops.

Top Benefits of Truck Camper Shells
Carefully built camper shells offer complete protection from harsh weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain, and snow.
These truck caps can also keep all your cargo secure and safe during the trip. In addition, through changing your vehicle’s aerodynamics, toppers can improve gas mileage as well.
These can also improve the looks and value of your vehicle.
Things to Consider When Shopping for Truck Caps
When buying your truck caps from EastonTruckCaps.com, there are several things you have to keep in mind:

• Size – Truck camper shells come in various sizes. You can choose one depending on your needs. In case you have plans to use your truck for your next camping trip, you will need a bigger shell equipped with removable curtain and windows. If you need to haul cargo, a plain topper void of additional features such as windows is enough to fulfill the purpose.

• Material – Bed covers made from aluminum are cheaper and offer better gas mileage. Fiberglass covers, on the contrary, are a bit pricey but they offer wide color range and better storage options. If your pickup truck is used solely for shipping purposes, a soft-top is a great option.

• Installation – For trucks with pre-built bolts at the bed’s corners, installation can be relatively easy. If there are no bolts, you should fix clamps followed by the topper. See to it that the cap you will buy offers easy installation and removal.

• Security – Camper shells feature a back gate which can be locked in order to protect the items from theft. Prior to purchasing the shell, check that its locking mechanism is in perfect condition.

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure and Why They’re More Affordable

Used cars

When you buy a car, your monthly lease isn’t the only expense you have to worry about. Insurance can also skyrocket. Here are the cheapest used cars to insure and why they’re cheaper.

If you’ve ever been responsible for ensuring a car, you’ve probably heard the urban legend that car insurance companies jack up insurance rates for red cars. That’s not true. Your insurance company has no idea what color your car is.

But some cars are cheaper to insure.

There are some used cars that cost more than others. So what are the cheapest used cars to insure? Read on to find out more.

Why Some Cars Cost More to Insure

While the urban legend about the red car isn’t true, there is some hidden truth in the myth.

There are some cars that are going to cost more to insurance companies. That’s because insurance companies are data-driven. If they think that owning a particular car means you’re inherently more reckless than you should be, they’ll charge you accordingly.

One example is a sports car. Their numbers say that people who drive sports cars tend to be riskier-than-average drivers.

Luxury cars can also come equipped with high insurance rates. This is mostly because any damage done to the car is going to be more expensive to repair, and replacement is not going to be cheap either.

That doesn’t mean that inexpensive cars are less expensive to insure as a rule, though. One-third of insurance payouts go towards vehicle theft. The most stolen cars in America are Honda Accords and Civics.

Those aren’t exactly luxury sports cars, right?

If your car is one of the most popular targets for thieves, your insurance is going to be higher.

And lastly, your insurance company considers a bigger car to be more of a liability than a small one. That’s because a huge vehicle might be safe for you, it’s less safe for anything you might crash into.

You see, your insurance doesn’t just cover you. It covers you and the damage that you do to someone or something else.

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure

Here’s a list of the cheapest cars to insure, ranked by estimated annual premium cost.

  1. Honda CR-V ($1,440 per year)
  2. Chrysler PT Cruiser ($1,440 per year)
  3. Ford Taurus ($1,452 per year)
  4. Dodge Caravan ($1,464 per year)
  5. Toyota Tacoma ($1,464 per year)
  6. Toyota RAV4 ($1,464 per year)
  7. Toyota Prius ($1,488 per year)
  8. Dodge Grand Caravan ($1,512 per year)
  9. Hyundai Santa Fe ($1,515 per year)
  10. Ford Escape ($1,515 per year)

It’s worth pointing out that the main thing insurance companies look at before selling you insurance is you. They pay attention to how safely you drive, how many moving violations you’ve gotten, and whether or not you’ve been in any accidents.

If your driving record is a mess, your premiums will be higher even if you get one of the cheapest vehicles to insure.

Why They’re More Affordable

Insurance companies set their prices based on large “pools” of drivers. If one vehicle gets into a plot of accidents, everyone who drives that particular vehicle will need to pay more money.

There are a few other factors that might go into making these cars seem less risky than others.

They’re family cars, for starters. These are all cars you’re likely to see around a neighborhood toting a few children around.

But this isn’t the only factor. Take the Honda Accord, for example. They were one of the most stolen cars in 2016, making them one of the more expensive cars to insure.

These cars are also inexpensive to repair. This is an important factor when choosing a used car that might seem to need more repair than a new one.

However, used car insurance operates the same way new car insurance does. And there are many factors that go into insuring a car.

Your used car’s safety rating is going to affect your premium. If the car you want to buy has a high safety rating, you’ll get a good rate. The safety rating depends on how likely a passenger is going to be hurt in an accident. So when you’re shopping for used cars, look for those with safety …

Advice on Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a rewarding experience.  However, sometimes you end up getting a bad deal if you’re not careful.  With so many cars to choose from its easy to make a decision very quickly.  This is the biggest mistake that someone will make when looking for a used car to buy.  If you’re not careful with your purchase decision it could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

The YouTube Strategy

If you are new to buying used cars the first thing you should do is find some one that is knowledgeable in cars.  It’s almost like having a mentor in business, doing the same in making a purchase decision for an automobile is a wise move.  If you cannot find someone that knows a lot about cars the next best option is to go on Youtube and search for something like “how to buy a used car” or something like that.  If you are taking advice from one of these YouTubers, make sure you read the comments first.  If you see many people are disagreeing with what was said in the video then chances are the information is incorrect.  However, if you see lots of people agreeing with the video and commenting in a positive manner then it would be logical to assume that the information provided is good.

You can also find some information on buying a used car on blogs.  There are many web sites online that talk about cars in general and I’m sure you can find some categories on car buying.  Compare the information you find on the web site to what others are saying on Youtube.

When you are ready to buy and have all the information you need the next thing you will need to consider is financing and insurance.  If you need to finance a car visit your bank and ask them how much you qualify for a loan.  Most used car dealerships will be able to get financing for you on the spot but you really should check with your bank first to avoid disappointment.  For insurance, if you already have an insurance company on a car that you own you can call them and get an estimate on the car you want to buy.  Some people get shocked when they find out what the difference in rates can be on different cars.  If you don’t have an insurance company there are tools online that help you find the best rate.  Use these to get an overall idea of how much you might have to pay for the car you want to buy.

Private or Dealership?

You should consider both used car dealerships and private sale.  If you have a certain car in mind which you should, do some research on the prices of these cars and include things such as mileage and features.  You will see that this same car of the same year may have a large discrepancy in price.  This could be a result of many of reasons such as mileage and general condition of the car.

If you’re going to be buying a used car from a dealership they may offer you a warranty or included with the purchase price.  This is a good option to have as it will give you peace of mind.  Make sure that you have any car that you want to buy checked out thoroughly by a mechanic.  There could be hidden problems which you may not know about and even if you have a warranty from the used car dealership it may not cover those issues.


Buying a used car can save you a ton of money when comparing the prices of new cars.  Keep in mind the older the car the more chances of things going wrong so it’s best to buy a car that is no more than five years old.  If you are handy with cars and plan on doing mechanical work yourself then really age of the vehicle should not matter.  Best of luck in your search for a used car.…

Save Money On Your Next Car Online

With the rise of internet marketing, buying a car has never been as easy. People who love cars and pickup trucks can now shop online for any of these two types of vehicles online.

Buying or selling cars online is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of upgrade your car. You can sell your car without stress or find the next care of your dream.

If you are buying a car, researching online will be beneficial to you. You do not need to spend time and money searching for a car to buy. You can visit the website and see the pictures of the vehicle, important information about it, as well as the price. A written description of the car is included to give you a clear idea of its current condition if it is sold as a used car.

Now, if you’re only looking to upgrade the car you already have make sure you look for quality promo codes for auto parts. There are always good deals available for the major auto parts stores online.…

Transmission repairs in Langley

Choosing a Coquitlam Transmission Repair Shop

Coquitlam Transmission Repairs can Break The Bank

Transmission service and repair is anything but cheap. Therefore, when you choose a repair shop you had better ensure it is a choice you will not regret. On average, a transmission repair cost will range between $1000 to $4000. The last thing you want after paying this much is a slipshod service and you end up with transmission problems, again.

Poor repairs mean you end up spending more and unfortunately, the problem does not end. You must choose the right and in most case pay the price for a good service. To cut the chase, there are a few things you must look into before settling for your clutches and transmission repairs shop.

Ask for recommendations

You are not the only one who owns a car. Your family, friends, and neighbors own one too and they must have experienced Coquitlam transmission auto repairs. Ask them for recommendations for they may know some great repair shops. Your interest should be on their experience, how much they paid and if they got excellent customer service. If yes, you may not have to search any farther.

Keep away from cheap and over-the-top repair services

Well, repairs are not cheap. But this does not mean you have to pay an arm and leg for your car. Any shop charging expensively may not be honest. Can they really account for that exaggerated figure in what they will tackle in your car? Probably not.

On the other hand, cheap begets cheap. Be on the lookout for shops that charge low prices. What they never tell you is that their services are of low quality. A moderate transmission repair price is what you should go for. You can be sure of satisfying work done on your vehicle.

Certified mechanics

Anyone with spanners and greasy apron can claim to be a mechanic (after all, those are their tools of trade). But would you trust just anyone to work on your car’s transmission? No way. You have to check and ascertain that the mechanics are certified by the relevant national or state body. If they are, you can relax knowing that your car is in the best hands. This is someone who is trained for the job, has impressive experience in the field, and most importantly is passionate about their work.

Get an estimate

Have you ever taken your car for transmission repair and the mechanic has no clue of how much it will cost beforehand? You had better run because you are in the wrong shop. A great repair shop can diagnose your car’s transmission problem and tell you how much it will cost. That is a professional who knows their job. Getting an estimate even works to your advantage: you will not be slapped with surprise repair fees when all is done.

Professionalism matters

From looking around, you can tell whether a repair shop is good for your car. A clean and well-organized space is a good sign of professionalism. Bit off or sleazy shops should not even be in your list of considerations.  But you may have to look deeper than the good appearance of a potential repair shop.

If you take your car seriously, as everyone does, you will not be taking chances when you are looking for a transmission repair center. It has to be certified mechanics, a clean and organized shop, and the right price for the job.

Racing Cars in Nascar Racing

Vehicles of NASCAR Racing

Ever wondered exactly what makes the cars and trucks of NASCAR racing different from those streetcars we see around? What are the characteristics in location inside a NASCAR racing car? At the outset, racing was done on dirt tracks. These roadways were rough on automobiles. This is why NASCAR has allowed modification to be made on vehicles for NASCAR racing purposes. Modifications through the times have actually been both for security and competitors functions. These modifications however are governed by NASCAR guidelines and are examined at every race.  NASCAR racing vehicles are basically custom built with all information about the car body, fame and engine. The safety element of these vehicles begins primarily on the design of the frame. Composed generally of 3 parts, the middle section of the frame is made from harder product in order to safeguard the chauffeur.

Racing Car Frames

The front and back part of the frames are made of thinner steel tubing to absorb the impact of a crash. Other security gadgets positioned on NASCAR racing automobiles are air bags, seatbelts, window internet, roofing flaps, etc. All these are finished with the security of the driver in mind. Then to the more intriguing concern, why do these NASCAR racing cars and trucks run so quickly?  With no turbochargers, these automobiles have 750 horse power and would go as fast as 200 mph. This speed can be attributed to the big engines these racing automobiles are packed with. Also the engines have exceptionally extreme camera profiles, which will allow more air into the cylinders at really high speeds. These NASCAR racing cars and trucks have carburetors that can let in an excellent amount of air and fuel. They have ignition systems that can allow for spark timing for optimal power. Subsystems in the automobile like oil & & steering pumps, coolant pumps, alternators, etc, are developed for sustained high-speed racing and high temperatures. Quality requirements are extremely high, as these NASCAR racing cars and trucks require that every part should be made with exacting tolerances so that the engines will be able to deliver the optimum power it can provide out. These are important to have a winning edge over the competition. NASCAR racing automobiles interest the fans with their sleek appeal, their affinity for speed, and their security style. So the next time you are a viewer of a NASCAR race, you have a respectable concept why these effective &  properly designed devices go so fiercely fast on the tracks.

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