Month: June 2018

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure and Why They’re More Affordable

Used cars

When you buy a car, your monthly lease isn’t the only expense you have to worry about. Insurance can also skyrocket. Here are the cheapest used cars to insure and why they’re cheaper.

If you’ve ever been responsible for ensuring a car, you’ve probably heard the urban legend that car insurance companies jack up insurance rates for red cars. That’s not true. Your insurance company has no idea what color your car is.

But some cars are cheaper to insure.

There are some used cars that cost more than others. So what are the cheapest used cars to insure? Read on to find out more.

Why Some Cars Cost More to Insure

While the urban legend about the red car isn’t true, there is some hidden truth in the myth.

There are some cars that are going to cost more to insurance companies. That’s because insurance companies are data-driven. If they think that owning a particular car means you’re inherently more reckless than you should be, they’ll charge you accordingly.

One example is a sports car. Their numbers say that people who drive sports cars tend to be riskier-than-average drivers.

Luxury cars can also come equipped with high insurance rates. This is mostly because any damage done to the car is going to be more expensive to repair, and replacement is not going to be cheap either.

That doesn’t mean that inexpensive cars are less expensive to insure as a rule, though. One-third of insurance payouts go towards vehicle theft. The most stolen cars in America are Honda Accords and Civics.

Those aren’t exactly luxury sports cars, right?

If your car is one of the most popular targets for thieves, your insurance is going to be higher.

And lastly, your insurance company considers a bigger car to be more of a liability than a small one. That’s because a huge vehicle might be safe for you, it’s less safe for anything you might crash into.

You see, your insurance doesn’t just cover you. It covers you and the damage that you do to someone or something else.

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure

Here’s a list of the cheapest cars to insure, ranked by estimated annual premium cost.

  1. Honda CR-V ($1,440 per year)
  2. Chrysler PT Cruiser ($1,440 per year)
  3. Ford Taurus ($1,452 per year)
  4. Dodge Caravan ($1,464 per year)
  5. Toyota Tacoma ($1,464 per year)
  6. Toyota RAV4 ($1,464 per year)
  7. Toyota Prius ($1,488 per year)
  8. Dodge Grand Caravan ($1,512 per year)
  9. Hyundai Santa Fe ($1,515 per year)
  10. Ford Escape ($1,515 per year)

It’s worth pointing out that the main thing insurance companies look at before selling you insurance is you. They pay attention to how safely you drive, how many moving violations you’ve gotten, and whether or not you’ve been in any accidents.

If your driving record is a mess, your premiums will be higher even if you get one of the cheapest vehicles to insure.

Why They’re More Affordable

Insurance companies set their prices based on large “pools” of drivers. If one vehicle gets into a plot of accidents, everyone who drives that particular vehicle will need to pay more money.

There are a few other factors that might go into making these cars seem less risky than others.

They’re family cars, for starters. These are all cars you’re likely to see around a neighborhood toting a few children around.

But this isn’t the only factor. Take the Honda Accord, for example. They were one of the most stolen cars in 2016, making them one of the more expensive cars to insure.

These cars are also inexpensive to repair. This is an important factor when choosing a used car that might seem to need more repair than a new one.

However, used car insurance operates the same way new car insurance does. And there are many factors that go into insuring a car.

Your used car’s safety rating is going to affect your premium. If the car you want to buy has a high safety rating, you’ll get a good rate. The safety rating depends on how likely a passenger is going to be hurt in an accident. So when you’re shopping for used cars, look for those with safety …