Month: November 2020

7 Common Off-road Vehicle Modifications

Your SUV may have come readily capable from the factory, with high-end convertibility (if that is your preference), large tires, power-packed turbocharged engines, and an exterior goodness to get heads turning. But beyond the looks, durability and performance, your SUV is never truly complete from the assembly line. If you are an explorer like me, there are bound to be times when you would veer off your road tracks and venture into the wild with all its rocky terrains and obstacles. Just then, you realize how much of an off roader you want your SUV to be.

According to jeep auto garage there are several post-factory modifications you can add to your vehicle to make it an off-road champ. Want to go rogue? Let’s get started.

  1. Tires

It’s no surprise that tires make the number one spot. You cannot possibly overlook the importance of purpose-built tires if your passion suddenly leans towards off-road adventures. Your factory tires will get you far enough on smooth roads with so much balance and absorption, but beyond that, you need tires designed for off-road purposes. These should be sturdier, with way more traction to get a good grip on snow, mud, and rocky sands.

  • Steel Wheels

Most vehicles, including SUVs come with alloy wheels. Note that the reason people would rather have alloy wheels is for their great appearance. However, if you’re thinking off-road, you should be more concerned about strength and durability than appearance. Steel wheels may seem less fancy with very minimalistic designs, but they are able to withstand way more pressure and stress, especially when you veer off road. It’s no wonder they are used for police vehicles.

  • Light Bars

Have you ever been disappointed by your headlights deep in the wilderness? Most of them can’t illuminate beyond 15 meters ahead, but we all know that is not enough if you need to stay ahead of ‘wild’ circumstances. Perhaps, you were going camping and your regular bulbs just gave in, at night! This is a common scenario that plays out all too often and worse still, extra bulbs just won’t cut it. What you need are aftermarket light bars that you can mount anywhere on your vehicle, depending on where you want to focus your light. Most people mount this on the roof of the vehicle or just above the front bumper.

  • Lift Kit

Once you have got the tires sorted out, the next thing you should consider is ground clearance. You need to have your SUV as farther away from the ground as possible. So, increasing the room under the vehicle by as much as possible, without compromising balance will make it easier to surmount off-road obstacles. There are several lift kit products you can get out there; be sure you get a product with the right type of contents for your SUV.

  • Tow Hitch

You should always be prepared when you trail off-road. One way to do this is by getting a hitch as a crucial off-road modification. It doesn’t matter whether you’re towing a boat or not. You never know when a hitch can come handy. Besides, you’re likely going to need to pack a few accessories like a BBQ, a spare tire carrier or even a bike rack. This off-road vehicle modification is one of the easiest to attach. And just in case you need to be towed out of quicksand or a ditch, the hitch is a solid tow point.

  • Snorkel

You know how easy it is to find waterlogged ditches or lakes crossing through the tracks in the wild. If you’re sure your vehicle can go through, you may want to consider how to redirect your exhaust fumes, just to keep the engine going. A snorkel helps with this by redirecting the fumes upwards. With this modification, your exhaust is not drowned, and your engine keeps moving.

  • Bull Bar

Sometimes, off-road enthusiasts simply go for an upgraded front bumper (which is great). A bull bar gives you an option when it seems like there is none. Imagine driving into a fallen tree on your path; too heavy to lift and you just can’t go around it. Your only option is to drive through it. …