Month: August 2018

What Are Truck Camper Shells? is the leading provider of truck camper shells. But, what are they and why do you need them?

Truck camper shells, or also called truck caps or toppers, are the unique housing accessory made for pickup trucks.
These can completely cover the truck bed and form a huge utility space which can be utilized for storage or camping purposes.
Usually, camper shells are as high as the top portion of your truck. But, if you require more room, you can also find taller models at Easton Truck Caps.
There are also large toppers which can cover a cab’s top part. When you are a big fan of camping, this specific type of bed cover is what you need. With the use of truck camper shells, you can comfortably and safely spend a comfortable night in your own truck.

Truck Camper Shells and Their Important Features
Truck toppers are often made of fiberglass or aluminum. Aluminum caps are made using standard-sized models. Such caps are not just lightweight as these are inexpensive as well.
On the other hand, fiberglass toppers are being made using custom models to make sure that they can perfectly cover a truck bed.
The contours and color of truck caps are in perfect harmony with the pickup truck. Fiberglass toppers are sturdier and more durable compared to aluminum caps but these are often more expensive.
There are instances when soft materials such as canvas are being used as well, and these are known as soft-tops.

Top Benefits of Truck Camper Shells
Carefully built camper shells offer complete protection from harsh weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain, and snow.
These truck caps can also keep all your cargo secure and safe during the trip. In addition, through changing your vehicle’s aerodynamics, toppers can improve gas mileage as well.
These can also improve the looks and value of your vehicle.
Things to Consider When Shopping for Truck Caps
When buying your truck caps from, there are several things you have to keep in mind:

• Size – Truck camper shells come in various sizes. You can choose one depending on your needs. In case you have plans to use your truck for your next camping trip, you will need a bigger shell equipped with removable curtain and windows. If you need to haul cargo, a plain topper void of additional features such as windows is enough to fulfill the purpose.

• Material – Bed covers made from aluminum are cheaper and offer better gas mileage. Fiberglass covers, on the contrary, are a bit pricey but they offer wide color range and better storage options. If your pickup truck is used solely for shipping purposes, a soft-top is a great option.

• Installation – For trucks with pre-built bolts at the bed’s corners, installation can be relatively easy. If there are no bolts, you should fix clamps followed by the topper. See to it that the cap you will buy offers easy installation and removal.

• Security – Camper shells feature a back gate which can be locked in order to protect the items from theft. Prior to purchasing the shell, check that its locking mechanism is in perfect condition.